Horse Agility


Agility is for all horse lovers!
Its seems to be taking off in Europe and a little bit in the United States.
I haven't seen any activity like this in Canada.
I was turned on to it by a video seen on YouTube and I thought, what a great idea!!
Why cant we have something like that here?
You can see the video here:

As a horse trainer who starts colts, I am always looking for way to learn and improve my skills and increase my bond with the horses I am working with. What better way than equine agility!

What is equine agility you ask?

Equine Agility is a non-mounted, competitive, sport where horse and handler work together through an obstacle course for a timed score. It's similar to dog agility only better, because it's with horses!.
Equines of all ages and breeds are welcome in Equine Agility,  and training under saddle isn't necessary to compete in the sport.

Agility training is an extension of ground work, it translates directly to a
horses predictability in under saddle.
Horses that are thoroughly trained on the ground become less spooky,
and will ultimately be safer to ride when they are started.
Because Agility training incorporates obstacles, moves are relatively easy
for a horse to understand and become successful at executing. This combination
of success-based training makes for a more confident horse.
Equine confidence translates to responsiveness and willingness to perform. 
This empowers a horse to maneuver virtually any obstacle they are presented with.
  • Horse Agility can help build a very close relationship with your horse.
  • Horse Agility keeps your horse’s mind working constructively.
  • Horse Agility is a great way to meet like minded people who may think the same way about their horse’s potential other than as a ridden horse.
  • Because of the levels structure of the competitions there is always a new skill to learn and improve

In other words, it's our human leadership the horse requires. If a horse is sensitized
to our leadership and wishes, the need for desensitization is not necessary.
The benefits for horse and handler are having fun, getting in shape, and creating a magnificent bond between you and your equine partner!!
Come on and try it out!!

Equine Agility provides a competitive, yet fun, environment for individuals wanting to increase their skills and improve their relationship with their horse.

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